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Playing Now: Pokemon GO Buddy Adventure

Playing Now: Pokemon GO Buddy Adventure

Hey buddy, you’ll be tempted to dive deeper into the frantic Pokémon-catching fun of Pokémon GO with the shiny new Buddy Adventure feature! Available On: iOS, Android


Gaming alone is fun. It’s more fun with friends. And with the rad new Buddy Adventure feat, you can’t say Pokémon no to Pokémon GO! We’ve all got a fave Pokémon (Pikachu FTW). Buddy Adventure lets you elevate them to ‘best bud’ status in Pokémon GO. Plus, they’ll follow you around on the Pokémon GO map.


Hang out with your Pokémon bestie to level them up. Walking. Treating. Playing. Battling. Snapshotting. Visiting. Do this stuff together to score hearts. One heart levels ’em up to Good Buddy. And 300 earns Best Buddy. Combo feeding and present opening with those other Poké pursuits to get your buddy excited for even more heart earning!


Rank up a Pokémon to Good Buddy to see their mood. Upgrade to Great Buddy and they’ll sometimes help you catch other Pokémon. Plus, they’ll occasionally gift you prezzies. Hearten them to Ultra Buddy for sweet souvenirs. (Bonus: they’ll point out new places.) But Best Buddy is bestest. Super-handy CP Boost during battles!


Carolyn Z
Might be cool to live in pokemon go!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)
7/1/2021 5:15:21 AM
5/8/2020 6:56:39 PM
Patrick J
Pokemon Go rules!!!
10/7/2020 3:25:42 PM
Excited for the Australian Open?