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Playing Now: Ride 4

Playing Now: Ride 4

You’re in for the most frantic full-speed ride of your life when you put out the feelers for the speediest two wheelers in Ride 4! Available On: PS4, PS5, XBO, XBSS, XBSX, PC

Ride 4 is the two-wheel, full-throttle, zero-seatbelt ride you’re looking for. New to two-wheel racers? Too easy. They’re a whole lot faster than pushbikes. And forget about sneaky handbrake turns. This is all speed on the straights and hard braking before corners. It’s totes okay to mess it up a few times and skid out of control. Smash into a wall. Or send your rider cartwheeling helmet over boots at full speed. It’s good for learning. Great for LOLs. And it’s our fave use for Photo Mode! Now clamber back onto that super-speedy bike. Mastering the broom-broom bike basics is key. Coz soon you’ll be skidding in the rain. Or tearing around corners, knee just off the track, with the lights turned down at night. Tear up tough turning tracks in Career Mode. Sure, you start out as a bike tyke. But you’ll soon psyche yourself up to the spike heights of wondrous World Leagues.


Bikes are waaay less forgiving when it comes to getting in and out of corners at speed than their four-wheel car cousins! Get used to going slow into corners. Start on the opposite corner. Then cut across to the other side while following the edge of the track. Then go full speed out of the corner.

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