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Playing Now: Team Sonic Racing

Playing Now: Team Sonic Racing

Build the ultimate Sonic-boom dream team to blue-blur your way to glorious team victory! Available On: Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC

We love Mario Kart and we can’t wait to take Crash Team Racing for a full spin, but we’re absolutely, positively revving our kart engines for Team Sonic Racing. It’s got a sweet feat those other karters don’t. Actual team racing. Most kart games (and racing games), one person wins. And everyone else, well, doesn’t win. We love how Team Sonic Racing’s winners are the ones who race together. Your entire team counts towards the pole position. This means you gotta race together. And the dev team is the ace pit crew to help with this. Like, use Slingshot to get a boost from a buddy’s tailpipe slipstream. Gift Wisp items to your fellow racers in need. Then target your team’s biggest rival and take them down together. Spun out? Get a buddy to speed by you to Skimboost you back to full speed. Then pop your Team Ultimate to zoom towards the finish line together. You can race alone with AI buddies. Or with a couple of IRL mates. (Or against them, obvs.) Build a basic kart-racing team with a mix of Speed, Technique and Power. Or stack your crew for ultimate speed. Terrain-taming technique. Or triple up on Power for smashing skills. Your kart. Your call!


As you unlock new parts, tweak your fave karts to your preferred specs. But there’s an art to it. Like, chucking a Swift Glider on your kart’s butt buffs your boost. But it also lowers your defence, making you squishier. Some attachments positively and negatively impact multiple areas. Mix and match bits to boost how you love to race.

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Isaac O
I love sonic he’s my favourite character and I love the game
14/7/2020 7:37:57 PM
Which would be the best prize?
Pet elephant
Rocket-powered scooter