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Playing Now: The Last Kids on Earth and the Staff of Doom

Playing Now: The Last Kids on Earth and the Staff of Doom

The Last Kids on Earth get their first game, and it’s shaping up to be stuffed with zany zombies, mauling monsters, and cool couch co-op! Available On: Switch, PS4, PS5, XBO, XSS, XSX, PC in 2021.

Okay, so you’ve smashed through the books. And annihilated the TV series. Now take it to the next level with the first The Last Kids on Earth game! The Last Kids on Earth and the Staff of Doom is an all-new, all-awesome battle against a brainless bunch of brain-munching zombies. The main stuff these stiffs are stopping you from nabbing is the super-strong Staff of Doom. As if that’s not enough of a sticky situation, big-bad, totes mad Malondre is the queen of the slime monsters. She wants the staff to make things totes tougher by spawning in Rezzoch the Ancient who has a rep for wrecking worlds. But the awesome foursome ain’t gonna to let that happen. Play alone or in frantic four-player couch co-op. Bring the broom-broom, undead doom of Big Mama to splash through waves of zombies in Wakefield. Plus, level-up your pew-pews to take out massive monsters. Then upgrade gear to survive biffs with epic bosses.


The game looks the part. But it’ll def sound the part! That’s coz the voice cast from the Netflix TV series is lending a hand, uh, voice. Nick Wolfhard is voicing teen-leader Jack Sullivan. Montse Hernandez is embodying monster-mashing June Del Toro. Garland Whitt is playing Quint Baker. And Charles Demers is back for bully-turned-brave-lad Dirk Savage.


The august sports jam issue is sick it is the best issue this winter
9/7/2021 3:03:58 PM
Liam C
I really want this game
7/7/2021 4:29:29 PM
Ari Van H
i like k zone
4/7/2021 11:39:47 AM
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