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Playing Now: The Pedestrian

Playing Now: The Pedestrian

One definition of ‘pedestrian’ is something that’s dull, but The Pedestrian is totes a puzzle-packed peak platformer and the opposite of boring! Available On: PS4, PS5, PC

There are lots of public signs out in the world. Stop. Give way. Or the stick-figure stacked “Watch out for pedestrians” sign. Clearly the clever devs at Skookum Arts saw one of these signs and turned it into a game. The Pedestrian has you playing as one of those slick sign stick figures. But you def ain’t standing still. Platform your way between signs as the real world moves around you. It starts off easy enough. Jogging through doors. Launching up ladders. Jumping between platforms. But then doors aren’t connected. Ladders go nowhere. And there are big objects in your way. Then lasers zap you into ink. Hmm. All signs point to the need to rearrange this node system of public signs. Link the doors. Join the ladders. Block the lasers. Or shuffle around them. Move the signs too far and the puzzle resets! The deeper you wander through the game, the more wondrous the puzzles become.


Keep a close eye out for ladders on each puzzle. These are essential for cracking the main puzzles. But look closer and you will spot faded ladders in certain rooms. Scale down faded ladders to discover secret rooms. They each have their own puzzles. But cracking them rewards you with some rad hats!

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