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Playing Now: Trailmakers

Playing Now: Trailmakers

Trailmakers is kinda like being deserted on an awesome planet that’s stuffed with all the LEGO parts you’d ever need to build rad rides! Available On: PC, Xbox One

We have some big loves at K-Zone. LEGO. Transformers. The Crew 2. Toss all that together and you get Trailmakers. We totes recommend jumping into the Stranded in Space campaign first. You’re super lost in space, but you’ll find piles of parts to build your escape rocket ship. Except, there’s a whole lot of other things to do with those parts. Like, build your fave sports car. Soar in a plane. Or a chopper. Then tame the waves with boats and subs. The more parts you get, the more you can build. These bits you find are totes like LEGO. This means build your fave contraptions. Like, a high-speed pod racer. A giant (or mini) S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier. And a Starscream jet. Switch between them on the fly. Or smash those iconic builds together for something new: a pod-racing, Starscreaming helicarrier! Made it back to space? Time to tame tracks in Trailmakers Rally. Or free-build in Sandbox Island.


Early on in the campaign, you have to nab lots of parts scattered around the island. Use the handy radar to sniff them out. But def modify your starting vehicle on the builder screen. Add two front-facing, side-mounted forks to turn the bull bar into a part-catching tray. Nabbing parts is now easier!

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