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Playing Now: What The Golf?

Playing Now: What The Golf?

A swing-and-a-hit-golf game that’s less about scoring a hole in one and way more about being a whole mess of fun! Available On: Switch, PC, Apple Arcade

The basics of golf are pretty EZ. Take stick. Hit ball at hole. Hopefully get it there in just a few hits. What the Golf? takes those basics and makes it wacky. The courses are straightforward, of course. But the results are hilarious. No need to sink the ball, just hit the flag. Simple, right? Next level you wind up and the golf club goes flying. Then it’s the golfer that bounces off towards the hole. Now you’re hoiking a house. There are often obstacles in your way. Mind the trees, rocks and, uh, cats. Cars appear out of nowhere to knock your ball away. Or pesky peeps boot your perfectly lined-up shot off a cliff. Dodge around those dodgy pests! What the Golf? is the only golf game that lets you golf in space. Plus, race cars. Play soccer. Go bowling. Jump through Mario-like levels. And it’s even better when played against your buds!


What the Golf? is a hilarious physics-based puzzler disguised as a golf game. The earlier challenges teach you everything you need to know about the later ones. Sometimes your goal is to ignore the flag. Pay attention to the level description to know what you really have to do. When in doubt, fling things everywhere!

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