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Playing Now: Windbound

Playing Now: Windbound

Windbound is an indie game that’s bound to make you wish for windy weather! Available On: Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC

Ahoy there! What’s that on the horizon? An Aussie-made seafaring adventure that’s totes better than fair. Windbound is kinda like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild meets Moana. Okay, so it doesn’t have the singalong songs of marvellous Moana. But it does have an enchanting Marvel movie-like soundtrack. After some wild weather bashes your boat, Windbound’s hero Kara is left scratching her head on the Forbidden Islands. She starts out with not much more than pockets full of sand. Head inland on these islands and you’ll see they’re stuffed with hidden (and not-so-hidden) swag. Like, crafting items. Crafty animals for hunting. And tucked-away treasures. These islands have everything you need to survive, thrive, and drive farther into deeper deep-water discovery. But for that, you’ll need a boat. Craft an anchor so it doesn’t float away. Slap on a sail for speedier speeds. Then whack on a swag bag and stuff it with all the stuff you snag.


Definitely start Windbound on Storyteller difficulty. There’s a rad mystery to unravel. And an ocean full of adventure. Jumping up to Survivalist difficulty resets you right back to the start if you go down! Storyteller lets you learn the ropes. Save Survivalist for a second play-through once you’ve mastered the mechanics.

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