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Pokemon Sword and Shield Beginner's Guide

Pokemon Sword and Shield Beginner's Guide

Snatch up your Poké-sword or Poké-shield and have a poke at these quick tips for conquering the basics of Pokémon Sword and Shield! Available On: Switch


Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee and Pikachu veteran? Wild Pokémon ain’t just there to run up to and catch in Pokémon Sword and Shield. First, throw down some speedy fisticuffs to tame ’em. Whenever the weather turns, don’t fret! Different weather means new Poké pals to battle and pursue in the Wild Area.


Gym Challenges dart back into Pokémon Sword and Shield. ’Cept this time they’re bigger than ever to cram in the massive Dynamax Pokémon!


All-new to Pokémon Sword and Shield is Dynamaxing. It sounds like a cleaning product. And it’ll totes help clean up battles quick smart! First, nab a Dynamax Band. Next, find an arena with enough space to biggify your Pokémon. All your critters martial arts are now upgraded from reg to Max Moves.


Those Max Moves are totes new, too. For attacks, Max Moves speedily smash through feeble shielding protective moves. The counter? A Max Guard is like a rock-on-rock draw in scissors-paper-rock. Basically, Max Moves hit harder. And block even harder. Plus, make it rain with Max Geyser. Bring the light with Max Flare. Or electrify your foes with Max Lightning.


If you thought Dynamax sounded big, check out Gigantamax. Like Dynamax, Pokémon will zip to huuuge sizes. But only a few new Poké-pals are Gigantamax compatible. Try it on with fully fun fairy Alcremie. Armoured-crow Corviknight. Or snappy-turtle Drednaw. Then unleash the supes powerful G-Max Moves from these new-look lads!


There are gigantic Dynamax Pokémon to biff in the Wild Area. Race up to them to fly into a Max Raid Battle. It takes four Trainers to teach ’em a lesson! Do it solo with AI help. Or local link your Switch with up to three mates to make short work of these towering threats.


Bolt over to Pokémon HOME in 2020 to transfer in your existing Galar-region Pokémon!


The old-faithful Pokédex has been upgraded to something new. The Rotom Phone. Let’s get to the bo-ttom of this Pokédex 2.0. Possess this gizmo that’s been possessed by a rascally Rotom to keep track of your Poké stable. Then snap it on a bicycle for added perks. Extra speed. And riding on water!

Are you playing Pokémon Sword or Shield? What version did you pick? Which Pokémon is your starter? What's your fave Pokémon so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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