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Skylanders Racing Game Revealed

Skylanders Racing Game Revealed

Yep, it's almost too good to be true! Find out more here!

Ever thought about how awesome Skylanders is, and how perfect it would be...if only you could race characters against each other? Well, Activision has just revealed brand new Skylanders racing gameplay and online multiplayer which will be available with their upcoming game, Skylanders SuperChargers!

You can even choose whether you want to compete against each other in Competitive Multiplayer or work together in Adventure Mode with up to four players!
When it comes to racing, you can compete in land, sea and sky environments, meaning you can pick the vehicle of your choice!

All the Skylanders SuperChargers starter packs will have six race tracks included, and you can get even more racing locations with Skylanders SuperChargers Racing Packs, which you can buy separately!

Yep, just another rad reason why we can't wait for Skylanders SuperChargers to come out on September 24!

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