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Super Mario Maker 3DS Cheats (Bonus Custom Items)

Super Mario Maker 3DS Cheats (Bonus Custom Items)

Love building levels? beating the world's listed below will earn you certain items!


World 1: Bridge, Lakitu

World 2: Cloud, Rocky Wrench

World 3: Thwomp, Vine

World 4: Fire Piranha Plant, Mushroom Platform

World 5: Buzzy Beetle, Hidden Block, Lava Bubble

World 6: Monty Mole, Note Block, Spike Top

World 7: Arrow Sign, Bob-Omb

World 8: POW Block, Spiny

World 9: Boo Buddies, Sideways Trampoline 

World 10: Chain Chomp, Ice Block

World 11: Grinder, Muncher

World 12: P-Switch, P-Warp Door, Wiggler

World 13: Cannon, Yoshi Egg, Shoe Goomba

World 14: Koopa Clown Car, One-Way Wall

World 15: Buzzy Shell

World 16: Bumper, Lava Lift, Spiny Shell

World 17: Magikoopa, Skewer

World 18: Fire Koopa Clown Car, Key, Keto Key Door

World 19: Bowser, Pink Coin

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