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Wonder Boy: Asha In Monster World Intro

Wonder Boy: Asha In Monster World Intro

It’s no wonder there’s plenty of wonder to be found in Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World when you’re exploring a place called Monster World! Available On: Switch, PS4, PC

Here’s how to turn old-school games into new-school gems. First, take a cool classic. Blow out 2D platforming to 2.5D adventure. Ditch the pixels and upgrade with a sweet new look. That’s the not-so-secret recipe for Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World. Except, it’s totes less about Wonder Boy and way more about the wondrous Asha. This green-haired gal is seriously set to seek out sweet secrets with her sword and shield. She’s heading to Monster World. She won’t find Sulley and Mike, but what she will find is scary and yikes. Good thing Asha ain’t alone. Her pretty-much-a-Pokémon pal Pepelogoo is ready to lend a wing. Pepelogoo helps Asha ride and glide to faraway places. Jump higher. Huffs-and-puffs out freaky fires. Turns into a pet platform to stop Asha from taking a lava dip. Plus, saves her from raining rocks. Speaking of saving, this dynamic duo is in charge of charging in and saving the world (no pressure!).


There was a massive 22-year gap between the sixth Wonder Boy game, Monster World IV, and the recent Wonder Boy Returns! That recent game was a remake of the orig Wonder Boy. And Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap was a remake of Wonder Boy IIIWonder Boy: Asha in Monster World is a remake of Monster World IV.

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