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shout out to Ava - Evan R I First Did The K-Zone Cup In Mario Golf Toadstool Tour Last Year In July. So Shout Out To Anyone. And I Did K-Zone Cup Blindfolded Yesterday. So Glad I Did K-Zone Cup On Dolphin - Michael W K-Zone is as good as grogu - James P K zone is the best - Sol Z k-zone rules - Henry C yo kz your mags are cool and awesome! The pranks are really cool! - Jasper H YO YO YO! K-zone your the best! - Jacob i did a drawing - Paul M I love the Agents of Awesomeness, especially the GRU section, he’s totally cool. Kzone you’ve done it again, you’re so amazing, love the latest copy - Jeremy B hello everyone - Sam S
LEGO Games and Skylanders News

LEGO Games and Skylanders News

Dan tells you all about the video games he's playing right now! See what he says about Skylanders Superchargers, LEGO Dimensions and LEGO Marvel's Avengers! Plus comment and he will respond!

Whoa, a while between posts here K-Zoners! My bad, sooooo many games coming out!
The last couple of weeks Skylanders Superchargers landed on my desk, PLUS LEGO Dimensions AND I’ve been playing Minecraft again on my phone because I started a new world.

LEGO Dimensions Dan's Gaming Blog

So – Skylanders…it’s awesome, obviously and my favourite Supercharged combo so far is Crypt Crusher and Fiesta. Check out my unboxing vids if you wanna see what they look like!
LEGO Dimensions I haven’t played quite as much of yet but the first few levels have been AMAZING and my fave minifig outside the starter pack has gotta be Benny from The LEGO Movie. What a legend! It’s going to be a massive few months for LEGO games too because LEGO Marvel Avengers is just around the corner!
What games are you guys hanging to play this Christmas holidays? Let me know in the comments and yep – you guessed it – still playing Splatoon too!

by Daniel

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