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I won!!!!!!!! - Nathan hi kyden - GAGE l I love your mag so much & Minecraft 😄 - Maya s Hi peeps - Kenji E K-zone is so swag! shout out to my friends brian and kade! - Luke O I love where you are able to put your drawings and your video game art - Murphy G Shot out to my bff Lilly ❤️ - Maya ?? i didn't win a prize:( but k-zone still rules :) - oliver s K-ZONE rules - Tyce F You are good - Hayden B


I'm definitely trying it out
28/4/2018 7:36:46 AM
i want creeperrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
14/7/2017 4:49:00 AM
Obviously a JEDI JEDI JEDI JEDI JEDI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Star Wars is the best thing on earth and best thing ever
22/8/2016 8:07:36 AM
I agree with naomi a minion costume whould be funny!!! :)
9/3/2016 2:13:16 AM
The creeper costume is awsome
30/11/2015 5:15:52 PM
a minion costume that is the funniest Halloween costume ever!!!
26/11/2015 8:21:13 AM
wow it gave me an idea which costume i will pick for halloween
30/10/2015 2:47:00 AM
Who is the most epic villain?
Darth Maul
Darth Vader
Kylo Ren
Jabba the Hutt