LEGO Games and Skylanders News!

by Dan | Oct 08, 2015

Whoa, a while between posts here K-Zoners! My bad, sooooo many games coming out!

The last couple of weeks Skylanders Superchargers landed on my desk, PLUS LEGO Dimensions AND I’ve been playing Minecraft again on my phone because I started a new world.

LEGO Dimensions Dan's Gaming Blog

So – Skylanders…it’s awesome, obviously and my favourite Supercharged combo so far is Crypt Crusher and Fiesta. Check out my unboxing vids if you wanna see what they look like!

LEGO Dimensions I haven’t played quite as much of yet but the first few levels have been AMAZING and my fave minifig outside the starter pack has gotta be Benny from The LEGO Movie. What a legend! It’s going to be a massive few months for LEGO games too because LEGO Marvel Avengers is just around the corner!

What games are you guys hanging to play this Christmas holidays? Let me know in the comments and yep – you guessed it – still playing Splatoon too!


  1. 6 AJ 16 Oct
    LEGO Dimensions is so expensive though. That sucks. $170 for the starter pack. Then $50 for level packs, $30 for team packs and fun packs are $20. That, over time, is a large sum of money. And with the extensive list of characters, they must be rich or something. If they made it cheaper for just the starter pack, it would be fine. Considering Skylanders Superchargers Starter pack is about $100 dollars, the average price for a normal new game like Mad Max or Batman Arkham Knight, and it comes with the action figures. Disney Infinity 3.0 has characters and a level, and its $80 dollars. The expansions for that are $25 tops and contain the level and 2 characters, whereas, LEGO Dimensions has 1 character and 1 level and it is double price. In short, LEGO Dimensions should lower the prices on lots of stuff, since it is way too expensive.
  2. 5 AJ 25 Oct
    Oh, Dan, are you planning on playing 'Star Wars Battlefront?' It is awesome, though disappointing that there will be no Campaign, but it seems so awesome.
  3. 4 Dan 29 Oct
    Hey AJ,

    thanks for commenting. 

    One important thing about LEGO Dimensions is that the team who created it say gamers will only need to buy one starter pack - EVER! That means no new toy pad / portal each year and hopefully that will keep the costs down in future years. We'll see though! Keep an eye out for sales too if you are interested in finding the game for cheaper - the LEGO Dimensions starter pack is available in some places for $119 which is still a LOT of money but quite a bit less than the $169 rrp. 

    I played the Star Wars Battlefront Beta and it was lots of fun (for older K-Zoners only though!). I would love a campaign too - maybe next time!
  4. 3 AJ 29 Oct
  5. 2 AJ 30 Oct
    I think the survival might be fine.

    So there might be a LEGO Dimensions 2 or something?
    Thanks for replying by the way.
  6. 1 AJ 07 Nov
    On the official 'Playstation' magazine, they talked about the price on Dimensions too. Then they gave it a 7/10.


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