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i am so excited to get this new issue - Lucas O Yo kzone your mag is da bomb 💣 I love your magazine - Brycen L K-zone rocks I read the mag everyday and every month I get a issue shout out to all my friends - Kane K-ZONE ROCKS - Kane Thanks for doing give aways and all the fun activities :) Love the magazines K-ZONE keep up the great work :) - Fletcher S so amazing - Eli T Roblox rules and kzoners - Flynn L 99 days til Christmas - Coby M GO K-ZONE! - Alex S I love Kzone their amazing! 💗 - Olivia

DIY Cappy from Super Mario Odyssey

Make your own Cappy costume!

Every Mario fan knows the importance of owning a magical hat that allows you to possess enemies. Now you can make your own Cappy and jump into a new adventure, just like Mario in Super Mario Odyssey!

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man do i want to play Mario odyssey
26/9/2018 6:50:49 AM
What side are you?