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I love your jokes and memes!! - Andriy I am obbsesed with K-zone because it is the best! - Max you guys are the best - Luca B SHOUT OUT TO MOJANG - Cody L K-zone is amazing 🤩🤩 - Andriy K Zone Is So CooL!!!!!! - Xander B I love Minecraft Dungeons because I have a feather diamond sword and pickaxe - Mitchell D Shout out to Hayden B - Xander B Minecraft is the best! Keep up the cool stuff K-Zone :) - Luca H YOU GUYS TOTALLY ROCK!! I am reading one of your awesome mags right now! - Johnny&Charlotte J


Yuta B
I got more trouble
20/7/2019 3:40:12 PM
Aweaoem Quiz!! If anyone hasnt played MCSM yet I suggest not to. Its a great game but you will get depressed when the characters don’t come into the real world.
26/6/2018 10:35:14 AM
27/12/2016 7:57:59 PM
This quiz is so cool!!! I'm really happy I will get through no one left behind or dead and it will turn out fine
6/7/2016 12:31:56 AM
I've already played Minecraft Story Mode. IT'S AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
28/2/2016 8:50:13 AM
I got: Quest Completed and No One Left Behind!
17/1/2016 12:49:43 AM
This quiz is so awesome!!! So stoked to play storymode
21/10/2015 3:15:54 AM
Which is worse?
The flu