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Behind The Scenes: Star Wars Squadrons

Behind The Scenes: Star Wars Squadrons

We link up with Ian Frazier, Creative Director of Star Wars: Squadrons, for a full briefing on what to expect from the sweet space battles! Available On: PS4, Xbox One, PC


Solo and Rogue One are non-Skywalker Star Wars stories ,and Squadrons has its own Star Wars story. Frazier says the prologue teaches the piloting ropes. Then the story hyperspace jumps between Rebel pilot Lindon Javes. And Imperial flyer Terisa Kerrill. Master new space moves as you meet familiar fan-fave faces!


Frazier says all of the watchable Star Wars canon was an influence for the space cannons and other parts of Squadrons’ starfighters. Like, deadly Darth Vader’s dogged dogfighting skills in Rebels. Plus, ace pilot Poe Dameron’s slick X-wing manoeuvres in The Last Jedi!


Frazier tells us that each fleek fleet is made up of four ship categories for the two factions. X-wings for the Rebels and TIE fighters for the Imps. Tricky TIE interceptors vs agile A-wings. Tough TIE bombers and why-so-slow Y-wings. Plus, support from you-want-one U-wings and troublesome TIE reapers.


Evil Emperor Palpatine may like to yell about un-lim-it-ed pow-er. But the starfighter power in Squadrons is totes limited. Well, not just limited. Frazier says you have to juggle power between engines for speed. Lasers for pew-pew. And shields for protection (for ships that have ’em).


Shields help the Rebel ships survive. But only the TIE reaper has ’em for Team Empire. Uh oh! Frazier says if your ship takes too many blasted blaster bolts, you gotta heal. Unlock awesome astromech droids. Or explosion-stopping repair kits. Plus, zip back to your capital ship to switch, fix, or rearm ships!


In the Star Wars universe, Rebel ships and Imperial starfighters all look the same. But Frazier tells us you can unlock sweet space swag for your ships. Customise your ship to make it shipshape. Personalise your pilot. Then check out your X-wing turned X-bling in pre-mission briefings!


Star Wars space physics are different to IRL space physics. Frazier says that classic World War II dogfighting is the inspiration for how Star Wars starfighters swish. This means it’s easier (and funner) to loop-the-loop. Barrel roll. And even spin around to blast a buzzing TIE fighter off your tail!

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