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Build In The Real World With Minecraft Earth

Build In The Real World With Minecraft Earth

What on Earth is this? A Minecraft game. On mobile. That makes our planet an all-new awesome biome for your next best build! It's Minecraft Earth! Minecraft Earth Early Access is available in Australia NOW! Available On: iOS, Android

The day is finally here… Minecraft Earth Early Access is available in Australia NOW! Minecraft’s free-to-play mobile game is now available for players on iOS and Android in Australia. Minecraft wants to make the game better over time, so the game is releasing in Early Access first, adding countries each week until it's worldwide by the end of the year.

In Minecraft Earth, you can walk around in the real world to find clusters of blocks, chests or mobs called ‘Tappables’. The game has the same Minecraft mobs we all know, but will also include a few new ones that haven’t been revealed yet! While walking, you’ll also find ‘Adventures’; small slices of Minecraft worlds that you play in life-size AR. Imagine your shopping centre becoming a mine full of diamonds, or skeletons waiting to battle in the playground. Players collect resources, fight mobs, and gain experience points.

The best part (in our opinion) is that you can build a permanent creation through ‘Build Plates’! Create a small, tabletop-size environment and interact with it from above, or put Build Plates on the ground to look at your creation outside in life-size scale. Any friends with Minecraft Earth on their AR-capable smartphone can join your session too!


With the right resources, it’s time to build. First you need a base, right? Anything that’s flat is your foundation! Point the mobile at it. Now build with augmented-reality holograms. Or add to your rad base. Pocket the phone. Then bring out your build on any other flat surface.


It’s not Minecraft without mobs. And Minecraft Earth has mountains of mobs. Sniff them out outside. Many are familiar. But the devs are teasing all-new ones. Collect two of the same mob. They’ll create an egg. Give the egg away. Or hatch it as a distraction in a fight!


There are adventures out in your neighbourhood. Look around with the mobile to find a nearby Minecraft world. Explore it. Dig up blocks to fill your inventory. Or fight off monster mobs. Fire arrows. Slash swords. Set explosive traps. Don’t let ’em get too close!


You don’t have to craft alone. Bring your base to a buddy for show and tell. Or send them a copy of your base. You can help build (or break) your biggest builds! Plus, blow up your creations to life size IRL for easier collabs.

Are you playing Minecraft Earth? Let us know in the comments below!

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