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Coming Soon: Battletoads

Coming Soon: Battletoads

Here’s a game that bodes well for battlin’ toads who own the roads and knock the snot out of whoever gets in their way! Available On: Xbox One, PC

You’ve heard of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but have you heard of Adult Altered Brawler Toads? No? Neither have we. But we do know a shorter, cooler name; Battletoads. Like the Ninja Turtles, these old-school icons are bringing back the biff. Fun fact: this thick-skinned toad-ally cool trio are all named after skin conditions. There’s shade-wearing and shade-throwing Rash; tech-loving and team-leading Zitz; and Pimple, who may not be the smartest, but he packs a wallop. Together, the trio dishes out tri-forceful smackdowns on a sci-fi town stuffed with cunning crim critters. Speaking of threes, jump into three-player co-op, then unleash three-punch combos that launch low-lifes sky high. Juggle them with some well-timed boots to the butt as they nosedive, or use your sticky grappling-hook tongue to fling over to enemies or drag ’em closer. Then pop a powerful Transform Attack to dish out a ton of damage. If racing’s more your speed, test your race reactions in the impossibly speedy Turbo Tunnel.


The Battletoads franchise has been around since the orig Ninty console, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES for short). The first game launched in 1991, which means the three lead toads turn 30 next year! Whoa. The first game, as well as the Game Boy spin-off, were also called Battletoads.

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