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Coming Soon: KeyWe

Coming Soon: KeyWe

The key to having the most fun with KeyWe is turning an ‘I’ into ‘we’ for hilarious two-player co-op antics! Available On: PC in 2021

A kiwi is a flightless bird from New Zealand. A cap-K Kiwi is a New Zealander. And KeyWe is a fun puzzle game from a couple of Kiwis about a couple of kiwis. Jeff and Debra are the playable kiwis that need you to lend them a hand (coz they totes don’t have any). It’s their job to tackle tricky tasks at the post office, posthaste. The clock is always ticking, so it’s time to get kicking! Kiwis might be short on hands, but they can jump. Flap. Peck. And butt-slam their way through a mountain of mailroom missions. You def wanna play this in couch co-op to put the β€˜we’ into KeyWe. Or play solo and master controlling one kiwi per controller joystick. Like Overcooked or Moving Out, working apart counts as working together. Splitting tasks is the best way to stomp through KeyWe’s stamp-filled challenges. Type telegrams with kiwi butt-slams. Then sail through stacks of mail.


Sold Out are the publishers behind KeyWe. And they have a great sense for what makes a great game. They’ve helped with some of our fave recent titles. BMX downhill taming in Descenders. Rocking platforming in No Straight Roads. Co-op coolness in Overcooked 2 and Moving Out. Plus, coastering along in Planet Coaster: Console Edition!

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