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Coming Soon: Rocksmith+

Coming Soon: Rocksmith+

Your role in this rock-’n’-roll educator subscription simulator is to learn how to jam from breakfast to dinner and every mealtime in between! Available On: PC, PS4, PS5, XBO, XSS/X


Learning to become a guitar star is tricky business. But Rocksmith+ is a big plus for adding fun notes to guitar lessons. Grab your choice of musical axe. Awesome acoustic. Booming bass. Electrifyingly electric. Then slide into the gamified fun of interactive music mastery. Last time Ubisoft released a Rocksmith shred session, close to five million players learnt the strings. And an epic 95% of them improved their guitar grooves. Rocksmith+ is a subscription service that has more songs to pick at than Netflix has flicks. Pick your fave finger-tapping tune. Chart the supes-handy chord charts. Then strum away to the beat of the drum and other instruments. Harmonise your way through a full song. Or practice the tricky bits with Riff Difficulty. Slap on Adaptive Difficulty to automatically match guitar skills with on-screen thrills. Guitar-picked your way through all your fave tunes? Make or nab more from the Rocksmith Workshop so the guitar grooving never ends!

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