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Coming Soon: Way To The Woods

Coming Soon: Way To The Woods

OK, today we have to say we’re on the way to the woods and we clearly may have to stay just to play! Available On: Xbox One and PC in 2020!

Oh, dear. What cute and bonkers game do we have here? A duo of deer looking to get out of the citizen-less city. Then back to the woods. Way to the Woods has a simple goal. But there are not-so-simple challenges in your way. You play as a doe, a deer, with a baby fawn in toe. Find the delights of lights. Then follow them home. It helps that this high-tech doe is packing light-up antlers. They’ll help in the dark. And with blotting out sinister shadows. Plus, lead light-up fish back to safety. Uhh. Y’know, just coz. Those spiky antlers are also built for head banging into windows to solve puzzles. Or up against vending machines to score food. Watch out for drooling dogs! Not every furry thing is a foe, though. Like, the giant cat god in the sewer. No, for reals. Way to the Woods totes mashes the weird and wonderful in deer-ific ways.


Way to the Woods is made by one main dev. Anthony Tan. And he’s an Aussie! He started making this game four years ago. When he was only 16. Whoa. Back then, Anthony’s work was even noticed by the main guy behind No Man’s Sky. And the art behind Anthony’s game has already been viewed millions of times.

Do you want to play Way to the Woods? Let us know in the comments below!

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