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Concrete Genie Cheats

Concrete Genie Cheats

No need to rub a lamp to summon these Concrete Genie tips! Available on PS4


There’s an epic 126 Sketchbook Pages in Concrete Genie. And they’re not marked on the map. Ouch! This epic count includes 60 Features, 48 Designs and 18 Genies. Check garbage cans and rooftops for a bunch of ’em. Some you need to chase down. Plus, Designs are usually nearby when you need them most.


The map in Concrete Genie is super handy. Like how it marks all five Billboards for cool-cat completionists. Even though they’re map-marked, leave ’em until after the game. This is coz it’s heaps easier once you have the specific Designs (48 in total!) to match their shape perfectly.


Genie Moments Sketches are trickier than the Billboards coz they’re not marked on the map. Plus, there’s 20 of them! But totes blitz past ’em. Coz, once again, you need specific Designs to finish them. There are three at the Lighthouse. Five at the Fishing Port. Seven at the Hydroelectric Plant from. And five at The Waterways.

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