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Minecraft Mobs: Terrifying Edition

Minecraft Mobs: Terrifying Edition

Kick into Halloween with our pick of the six scariest mobs!


This mob is a triple threat when it comes to terrifying. First of all, the sounds they make could totally be used as a soundtrack in a haunted house or scary movie. Then there’s that spine-chilling stare, and the way they teleport and sneak up behind you! We’re not screaming, you are.

Ever been mining in deep dark caves when suddenly you hear a Creeper’s footsteps, realise it’s already too late… and BOOM! Super scary and massively frustrating – nowhere is safe while these guys are roaming.

When we saw one of these mini monsters riding a chicken we thought it was kind of cute. That was until we realised what we were up against. It’s hard to believe that something this small can do so much damage in so little time. And the fact they can run so much faster than a regulat zombie… That just takes their scare game to the next level.

Yep, the standard spiders in Minecraft definitely make us panic, but their cave-dwelling mates? Oof. You’ll never forget your first Cave Spider attack. That poison that slowly drains your health is horrifying. Just cross your fingers you never come across a pack of them in a mineshaft!

Not even the Ghostbusters could save you from a Ghast. Their red flashing eyes and screeching sounds give them major petrifying points, but it’s their explosive fireballs that lands them on this list. We can’t get over how they can throw one every three seconds when within range! Truly stuff (Minecraft) nightmares are made of.

Anyone playing Echoing Void will know exactly why The Enderlings are getting a shout out here! Whether it’s the teleportation powers of the Watchlings, the gooey projectiles from the Blastlings, or the vicious attacks served up by the Snarelings – you really want to avoid these troublemakers.


  • Whip up some spooky eyes (using redstone blocks, redstone mechanisms and redstone torches) and place them in the shadows. Instant hidden monster!
  • Build some long, dark corridors inside and cover them in spiderwebs
  • Using pumpkins, create a maze next to your base. Make it continually spawn zombies and skeletons, and don’t forget to set up traps along the way
  • Craft a trapdoor that leads to a secret lava room
  • Check out the Minecraft Marketplace for creepy seasonal items you can use to Halloween-ify your base even further!

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