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More Minecraft Unearthed

More Minecraft Unearthed

Microsoft and Mojang recently unearthed a mountain of Minecraft content that we can’t wait to sink our pickaxe into!


Time to dig back into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Switch. Minecraft mates Steve and Alex are the latest DLC challengers to enter the arena! It may be Smash, but these smashing brawlers have all-rad, all-new abilities. Mine the level. Craft weaps. And create blocks for lofty blows.


Ready for a howlin’ good time? Scream into the Howling Peaks DLC for Minecraft Dungeons! This DLC ain’t no howler. But totes brace yourself for the big breaking winds that come from the Tempest Golem boss. Plus, the totes free Apocalypse Plus DLC adds 20 new difficulty levels. Awesome items. Mystical Enhancements. And it boosts max power.


The next main Minecraft update is so massive it’s got “and” in the title. The Caves And Cliffs Update boasts cooler caves. Like, corridor-stuffed Mesh Caves. Candle-lit Deep Dark caves. Rockin’ Dripstone caves. And plant-packed Lush Caves. Def check out the neat new archaeology system for rad underground history!


A rad new update means cranky hostile mobs. Like, the Warden. It may not have 20/20 vision. Or any vision. But this 2021 mob senses sneaky skulkers with the accuracy of the rad new Sculk Sensor. On the cliffs, steer clear of grumpy Goats. They headbutt as hard as they jump high!


The Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Update isn’t all about scary hostiles. Descend into Lush Caves to find Axolotl for lotsa LOLs. Use a water bucket to snag your own colourful Axolotl. Speaking of water, the Glow Squid has swum over from Minecraft Earth. Dive deep to encounter these passive pals.


Copper’s coming! This new material can be mined and crafted (obvs) as part of the Caves & Cliffs Update. Build monuments out of copper. Leave them there for long enough and they start to turn Yoda green. Plus, copper-crafted Lightning Rods catch Thor-bolts.


There are at least 30 new blocks that rock coming with the Caves & Cliffs Update. Some of our faves? The platforming Dripleaf Plant. Or the Sculk Sensor for wacky Wireless Redstone builds. Stalagmites might damage you if you land on ’em. And stalactites aren’t light when they fall from above!


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