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Paper Mario: The Origami King Cheats

Paper Mario: The Origami King Cheats

Check out three royally rad must-know deets for how to crown yourself king or queen of Paper Mario: The Origami King! Available On: Switch


Tame these four trickiest trophies for the Musée Champignon! Battle King is yours for besting 200 battles. Coin Collector comes from pocketing 300,000 Coins. Score 100+ points in the Shuriken Dojo’s Expert Mode for Shuriken Master. And best all seven Paper Macho Bosses on Scuffle Island for Ring Champion.


You need 11 more trophies to unlock the secret ending. Hit every question mark block. Catch Legendary Blooper and Cheep Cheep. Win all Scuffle Island battles. Clear every level of The Ringer. Beat 165 levels in Battle Lab’s Speed Rings. Score all Eddy River coins. Nab a perfect score on Shy Guys Finish Last. Plus, complete every collection for the art gallery, origami characters (including Toads), treasures, and sound gallery.


Want more secret-ending stuff? There are two bonus banners to unlock during the end credits. For the gold fist banner, you first need to beat the game without using any (totes helpful) battle accessories. Not tricky enough? For the gold heart banner, get to the end credits with no ‘Game Over’ screens.

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