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Playing Now: Among Us Update

Playing Now: Among Us Update

Dive into the new Among Us Airship map and also find out what tasks devs InnerSloth are planning next! Among Us is an online game, so play privately and safely!


The Airship map has finally dropped and the fourth Among Us map is its biggest so far! In this new update, instead of everyone starting together in one room, players can choose from three rooms to spawn in. The extra space in the map can be both a good and bad thing for Imposters. It makes it easier for them to take out a Crewmate without getting caught, but it also means that players are a lot more spread out. If you’re playing in a small group, it might take the Imposter ages to even find a victim!


The Airship is filled with long corridors and multiple levels, adding extra time especially if you’re trying to get to the opposite side of the ship to complete tasks. Luckily there are ladders and moving platforms scattered throughout the map to help speed up moving through the Airship and between rooms. There are also multiple entrances and dead ends in this map, so don’t be afraid to use the minimap to help you find your way.


If you’re an Imposter, take note of the following areas to help you out in this new map. Electrical has different pathways to it, so it’s easier to cut the power, eliminate a Crewmate and escape afterwards. The Vault has a vent that can take you from the Cockpit to the Viewing Deck – perfect for both getting away or getting closer to a Crewmate! The Lounge has tons of dead ends, which makes it perfect to trap someone. Players will try to bring the power back on in the lounge, so Imposters will want to grab them there to stop them!


The free Airship map update also includes new tasks such as unclogging the toilet, fixing the shower, polishing a ruby, putting away weapons, developing photos and emptying garbage. One of our favourite tasks is making a burger in the kitchen. You have to create a burger using a recipe that you’re shown, but the recipe changes if you put together the wrong burger!


When Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout Season 4 was revealed in March, we thought our eyes were deceiving us when we caught a glimpse of a fresh skin. In a cool crossover, a red Crewmate costume is available as part of the Season 4 Fame Path and is earned through experience. You can get the bottom half of the costume at Level 21 and the rest at Level 26. The costume has a fun secret feature – it can turn into the Imposter at random! The Imposter mode sees the costume develops a fierce pair of teeth and a cracked helmet. The Crewmate costume is a Season 4 exclusive, so remember to grab it before Season 5 kicks off!


Plans for an Among Us 2 are on hold so that InnerSloth can continue concentrating on making the OG game even better. One of those updates will be updating the art style of the game, which will include cleaner lines and an easier animation process. The team are also working on creating a larger lobby size so that you can play with up to 15 players instead of 10. Among Us will also be available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, including via Game Pass in 2021!

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