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KOOL - Lucas A I love kzone i just really want to get the next one before it's out!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Zachary I love K-Zone it is amazing! It puts me in a good mood when I’m sad!! :) - Sylvie Shout out to my brother, Harry! - Max T Good job! Keep it up!!! - Joel I am cool 😎 yesssirrrrrrrr - Baylin P KZONE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Lucas I LUV KZONE IT IS DA BESSTTTT!!! #1 mag! - Thomas I love Star Wars and k-zone! - Fletcher. I love K-zone, the best part are the pranks - Jack G
Playing Now: Before We Leave

Playing Now: Before We Leave

Turn the lights back on after some end-of-the-world madness flicked them off and sent peeps scrambling in Before We Leave! Available On: PC, XBO, XSX/S

Just because it’s the end of the world in Before We Leave, doesn’t mean it can’t be chill. Speaking of chill, the peeps of this place have been extreme chilling underground for yonks. Time to retake and re-tame the planet’s pummelled surface! Hmm. Apparently building cities from scratch ain’t a walk in the post-apocalyptic park. First, pop up some homes for your peeps. Then get their food and water sorted. Now it’s time to grow. Got the lowdown on the lowland? Start moving mountains. Well, moving into the mountains. Then expand to the loaded land around your city. Built all that? Send ships over the seas. Sailed that? Trade reg ship for spaceship and tackle other planets. Tamed those? While you’re wailing on new worlds, watch out for space whales. No, really. These planet-sized giants can’t hyperspace like Star Wars purrgil, but they can make hyper-sized spaces in your new home worlds.


The more you play Before We Leave, the more you’ll learn to love good traffic management. Unlike toast, jams are bad here. To avoid traffic jams, build multiple roadways in and out of your town. Plus, aim for three to five elevators between lowlands and highlands. This’ll help keep your peeps productive!

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