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Sup y’all I am hoping to win a prize have a good one k-zoners - Callum s i hope everyone wins - pathis b Hi, we love your magazines, i got one for when i was in the hospital! - Carter P I lost my Minecraft hardcore world i worked really hard but K-zone cheered me up Thanks K-zone! - Xavier F Shout out to my best friend Rowan M! - Hayden O I WON!!!!!! NO JOKE just got it in an order!!! - James P things in kzone are so amazing - Andy Sup k-zone! I hope you see my unlucky story. It was painful! - Blake T Don't ever stop making your magazine! They are fabulous! - Cristina S Shout out to josh - Dylan
Playing Now: Dirt 5

Playing Now: Dirt 5

Your ride will get so dirty in Dirt 5 that you’d be right to wonder if the devs are gonna release car wash-themed DLC! Available On: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, XSX/XSS, PC

We reckon the devious Dirt 5 devs spent plenty of time mouth-revving rad Hot Wheels rides in sandpits. That’s coz Dirt 5 feels like playing with Hot Toys outside. ’Cept heaps bigger! No need to make car noises with your mouth here. Just jump in and tear up stacks of off-road tracks. All the essentials are here to keep you on track. A fleet of off-road rides. A banging soundtrack. And pretty much unlimited courses of full-throttle fun. Speed through straights. Skid around corners. And brake so fast there’s no time for skid marks. Then give yourself a rally as you rallycross race across heaps hot and ice-cold tracks all over the world. Dynamic weather and stick-shifting seasons raise new racing risks. Whatever the weather, whether alone or against up to three mates in split-screen, weather the wild rides of Dirt 5. Best bit. When you go next-gen, there’s a faster-loading, faster-feeling, fully prettier version waiting to race.


Playgrounds mode is a rad sandbox mode for downloading community-built tracks. Plus, making your own courses, of course! It’s totes EZ to use. Plus, jump into your fave ride and take your in-progress track for a test drive. This free ride is a neat way to spot tricky traps. And get on-the-ground inspiration for cool changes.

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