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Playing Now: FIFA 21

Playing Now: FIFA 21

FIFA-fi-fo-fum and smell the digital mud of some of the raddest features and the best fun you’ll have in a soccer game! Available On: Switch, PS4, Xbox One

FIFA 21 is here and will have you boot-belting netters in no time. Plus, there’s a stadium stuffed with new stuff. Like, smarter AI teams to turn winning wishes into played-out dreams. Expect your attacking AI buddies to get in better positions for better plays. With ball on boot, issue super simple orders to put your attacking players where you need them to be. Or stay locked to your fave footballer as you quick one-two tap a pass away and back, solely to beat the goalie. Players are better jumpers this year. So keep the game rolling if a player’s eating grass in front of your sprint. Ball on the opponent’s sock? Pop out a block, coz defending is awesomely accurate. With ball off boot, tighter marking means a better chance of turning defence into offence. Dip into an accurate slide to win possession for your side. Plus, multiple blocks off the same goal attempt make for whoa-worthy saves. Intense 1v1s lead to tight 1:1 contests. Penalty shoot-outs will determine which one of you won. First time lacing on your FIFA bootees? Head into the assists settings for aided headers. Nab netter help with assisted shots. Or switch on breathing space with auto clearance. Sound too EZ? Muddy-boot FIFA veterans can slide the challenge up to Competitor Mode. It’s totes like playing against the world’s best FIFA players! For full-speed fun, ditch the pitch and vault into Volta. It’s faster, funner, and flashier than ever.


FIFA 21’s all-new agile dribbling system is more clobber than slobber. Get gold out of your Kylian Mbappé-type players. Press the right bumper while dribbling with the left stick. This’ll let you fancy-footwork your way out of corners. Around defenders. And give you the best shot at taking the best shot at goal!

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