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Playing Now: Hidden Through Time

Playing Now: Hidden Through Time

Get lost in a cool, totes chill time-travel adventure that’ll have you hunting all kinds of awesome ancient items in Hidden Through Time! Available On: Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC, Android, iOS

Where’s Wally? Well, he’s in a few books. Hidden Through Time takes that rad core Where’s Wally? ide and brings it to life on a cool cartoony moving space. You’re transported back in time to sniff out a stack of hidden things. Objects huge and tiny. Critters cool and kooky. And peeps weird and wondrous. Things start out EZ enough when the hide-and-seek zone is tiny. Plus, only a few squirreled-away items to discover. But then things get tricky in a big kinda way. Like, huuuge areas to scan. And stacks of things to find! Some of the stuff is sneakily hidden behind bigger blocking stuff. Or thingies may be tucked away inside a home (or a stone block)! Found it all? Download neat new challenges from the cool community. Or build and share your own secret-filled maps in the easy-peasy Map Editor.


See those items, critters and peeps at the bottom of the screen that you’ve gotta find? Pay close attention to the angle they’re facing. Use the hints if you get stuck to know where to look (tap on the thing you’re looking for). Then scan for the angle to sniff them out.

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