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Playing Now: Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory

Playing Now: Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory

You know how songs get stuck in your noggin? Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory has 140+ catchy tunes to whistle to and waltz through! Available On: Switch, PS4, Xbox One

Now here’s something neat. Get down with the beat that’ll make you want to repeat from the comfort of your seat. Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory has all the heart of the legendary Disney heart of a classic Kingdom Hearts game. Plus, it stuffs in plenty of toe-tapping tunes. Except it’s less about toe-tapping and more about thumb-tapping gameplay. Test your reactions as you bop along to stacks of fan-fave Kingdom Hearts tracks. Wherever you go in the game, the groove goes with you. Tapping in time to battle a highway of low-lifes makes for freaky furious fun. One baddie in your road? EZ clap! Two? Okay, that’s trickier on the timing. A stack of foes in multiple rows? Things are heating up. Good thing there are cool Disney characters to help you. Like, awesome Aladdin. Heroic Hercules. And majestic Mulan. Bring in a bud for couch co-op chain combos.


Tweak the difficulty in the song selection menu until you’re comfy enough to go from practice to Rockstar. Start out with One Button for simple one-handed, single-digit controls. Basic is the default, which requires a few buttons. Ready to shred? Flip it to Performer to throw even more button prompts into the mix!

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