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Hey Kzone my name is preston and i am new to Kzone a nd i am already loving it - Preston I really think that they shouldn’t make battlefront 3 They should just keep updating 2 - AsteroidN Hope you can get through with your unlucky story Blake T! - Nick S Sup K-Zone I love your mags they're so EPIC!! You rock K-Zone keep it up!! :D - Jacob S Dear K-zone just wanted to say thank you for putting me in the 250th issue and thanks for the odds book and the onward merch pack! Stay Awesome! - Eleanor M i love ya kzone - Baxter J I LOVE KZONE - Kade W Hi, we love your magazines, i got one for when i was in the hospital! - Carter P shout out to my best friend David S - Zak Hey guys, I received my prize today after school and I am so happy with what I received thank you so much! I have taken photos to share with my family thanks again.. I can’t wait to get reading these amazing books! - Xavier Z
Playing Now: Minecraft Dungeons

Playing Now: Minecraft Dungeons

You’ll def want a mate or three to help you dig into the loot-laden treasures of the latest Minecraft hit on the block, Minecraft Dungeons! Available On: Xbox One, Switch, PS4, PC

There’s only one thing better than lots of loot. And that’s heaps and stacks and mountains of loot! Love loot? Adore Minecraft? Then Minecraft Dungeons is totes your jam. At its cool core, Minecraft Dungeons is all about smashing mobs and vacuuming up sweet, sweet gear. The more you score, the more fun you can have. Like, armour that’d make Iron Man proud in how much damage it soaks up. Or a wicked wizard outfit that’d impress Doctor Strange with its epic magical mana. Or even the kind of archer gear that’ll transform you into a Hawkeye replacement. Okay, Minecraft Dungeons obvs ain’t a Marvel game. But you can (and totes should) form your own Avengers-like awesome foursome. Adventure alone for the love of loot. Or face tougher fights and shinier gear with rad co-op. Besides, many minds helps with the squirreled-away secrets that promise… yeah, you guessed it: even more epic loot! Keep an eye out for the Piggy Bank when you’re battling. Your whole team has to chase this treasure-trudger if you want to score its shiny rewards. More treasure equals more gear. And you’ll totes need it. Coz there’s more waaay more goons than gear.


The map overlay is your bestest bud in Minecraft Dungeons. Especially coz the levels are different every time you play. Bring up the map to have a real-time looksie at where you are. And where you wanna be. Unexplored areas aren’t filled in, so check ’em for treasures!

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Anya S
Cool!! lucky you, K-zone!
12/11/2020 6:16:58 PM
Ollie W
10/11/2020 4:29:09 AM
Alex S
I have this game! Hero edition too!
14/9/2020 8:50:05 PM
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