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Playing Now: Minecraft Dungeons: Hero Edition

Playing Now: Minecraft Dungeons: Hero Edition

Ready yourself for the forces of an awakening jungle and creeping winter in Minecraft Dungeons: Hero Edition! Available On: Switch, Xbox One, PS4, PC

Already clocked Minecraft Dungeons? Time to dig up the Hero Edition for a double DLC drop of more awesomeness. New to this cool co-op dungeon crawler? Nab Minecraft Dungeons: Hero Edition to get the full package! Slash swords. Shoot arrows. And vacuum up loads of loot in the main missions. Plus, uncover five super-secret levels. Beat the main game to unlock the neat new DLC stuff. Creeping Winter has you wailing on the Wretched Wraith. Slip through three new icy missions. And throw snow at new foes like the elusive Illusioner and ice-cold Iceologer. Jungle Awakens has a trio of new missions, too. Watch out for the butt-bashing Leapleaf. And def make some noise when you spot the wild Whisperer. Make these baddies buzz off with bee-powered power-ups. Our fave addition? Fun-filled Daily Trials for scoring new gear. Plus, Blacksmith gear upgrades and even more secret missions. Like, a panda-packed plateau. And a lurking lower temple.


Here’s how to sniff out the new Lost Settlement secret level. Play Frosted Fjord until you find a randomly appearing area with three switches. Hit the switches. Then hit up the entrance that opens. Use the waterwheel. Step on the floor switch. Jump across the platforms. Pop another switch. Then nab the scroll beneath the boat!

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Yaroslav I
yeet! minecraft dungeons da best!
6/9/2021 5:14:46 PM
Mark N
Is there cheese here?
21/4/2021 3:49:08 PM
Which sport has the best throw?