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Playing Now: Minecraft Minions

Playing Now: Minecraft Minions

Get beneath the skin of Minecraft Minions that’s way more than just some not-so-despicable skins of your fave friends and foes from Despicable Me! Available On: PC, IOS, ANDROID, XBO, XSS/X, SWITCH, PS4, PS5

All the Minecraft players in the world have encountered millions of mob minions. Now they can encounter millions of Minions with a capital ‘M’! The next Minions flick, Minions: The Rise of Gru, ain’t out until 2022. But Minecraft Minions gives you a taste of what to expect. Like, boss battle against the (very) Vicious 6. So you’ll bout with Belle Bottom. Claw at Jean Clawed. Chuck stuff at Nunchuck. Reverse Svengeance’s vengeance. Strongarm Stronghold. And go wild on Wild Knuckles. The boss-stuffed bike chase is our fave! These big bads are a big part of this Minions Adventure Map. But they’re just six of 29 Minecraft-ified Minions skins. Plus, there are other tricky threats to topple (like villainous Vector and evil El Macho). Make sure you maximise mischief! Level up as you dig deeper into supervillain-ry. Slap nasty ninja nitwits on the street. Then slap on a Sticky Hand for perf puzzle platforming as a meddling Minion.


There’s a bunch of sweet swag stuff to nab in Minecraft Minions. Keep an eye out for shortcuts or alternative paths. That’s often where they’re tucked away! Or embrace your Gru-like shortcutting supervillain lifestyle and use the Collectible Radar. It lets you know how far away tucked-away items are when you’re close enough.

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