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Playing Now: MotoGP 19

Playing Now: MotoGP 19

When you’re feeling fully sick, zip over to the MotoGP to cure your need for speed! Available On: Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC

Screaming downhill on a pushbike is pretty fast. But it’s snail-paced compared to the high-speed awesomeness of a pushed-to-the-limit moto-rific motorbike! That’s what MotoGP 19 is all about. It’s kinda like Trials Rising. ’Cept a whole lot less slower dirt biking. And a whole lot more three dimensional twisting tracks. We would say, ‘Strap in’. But you can’t! Coz it’s just you. Your customisable (race)track suit. A helmet. And you’re off to the races on what’s really an engine with wheels under your butt. And those loud noises coming from your behind push you to hundreds of kilometres an hour. Race through a digital vers of the IRL MotoGP 2019 season. Or zip through historical races with legendary riders. Before that, we totes recommend revving your engine in the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup. Then speed through the uphill journey of being a better superheroic biker than Captain America.


It’s okay to slap on the training wheels and lower the difficulty. At top revs, MotoGP 19 scales up to IRL-like racing realism. And that’s super tough to win at! Work your way up to the trickier difficulties. Plus, the game uses sneaky AI tricks to make computer-controlled racers match your skill.

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