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Playing Now: My Time At Portia

Playing Now: My Time At Portia

Our time at Portia was way more chilled than our Forza time in a Porsche. Available On: Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC

Pop a long bit of grass between your chompers. Slap on your fave farm hat. It’s high time to talk about our time with, uh, My Time at Portia. This totes chillaxed game is the result of Harvest Moon, Minecraft and Zelda tossed into a blender. And the result is delicious. The goal is simple. Become the bestest Bob the Builder of a li’l town called Portia. The bigger the build projects, the more you change the town! So hammer away at stacks of structures. But first, you’ll wanna nab the right resources. Chop down trees. Or kick ’em for special items. Bored building? Mix things up with epic exploration. Like our fave: helping guards with beastly baddies. Or tackling dark dungeons and plundering their sweet treasures. There’s stacks to do. Between building, play mini-games to make mates. Then pour XP points into boosting the activities you dig the mostest.


Focus on upgrading your tools ASAP. Upgrading equals faster collecting. Or more resources. This’ll help finish all-important Commissions faster. Which gives you a better reputation with customers. Prioritise the Tree Farm missions. Then invest in the Tree Farm. You’ll score daily wood. Plus, other useful items for crafting and streamlining your town life.

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