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kzone is da best - Liam B The magazine have been so much fun to read. It’s going to be my birthday in lockdown. Me and my family would love the game console because I am so bored in lockdown. I’m 11 and I’m turning 12 this will be a great prize - Shaneel D Hello to Theo & Ella - Theo w You're the best mag in the world I love u guys - jack g Hi K-zoners I absolutely LOVE K-zone. I started getting K-zones when I was at the supermarket and i wanted a magizine so Mum got me a K-zone I had no idea about K-zone so from reading the issue I loved it so I kept getting them from then on. - Elle K- zone rules! Keep making magazines! - Tate A What up K-Zone - Kody S K-zone is awsome - Nate B Ay shout to K-Zone for the magazine - Joel L I love Kzone, it is so inspiring! - Jaanya M
Playing Now: NBA 2K21

Playing Now: NBA 2K21

We’re used to booting netters in FIFA, but we’re digging our time spent chasing nothing-but-netters in free-throwing free-for-all NBA 2K21! Available On: PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, PS5, XSX+S

Start by sinking swishes in MyCareer mode. Build your own player who’s ready to make it rain three-pointers. Eager to hit the court sooner? Duck into the totes-well-named PlayNow mode. Dribble and wiggle your way past defenders to avoid getting stuck in defensive traffic in Block City. Instead, get stuck in to squeaking out some space. Line up your shot. Time for nothing but net? You bet! Or get the scoop on an alley-oop by setting up a teammate for a soaring jam that’ll make the crowd go bam! With some court time under your b-ball belt, get ready to play pro. Pro Stick makes downtown shots feel sweeter. Plus, bounce into extra dribble moves that leave defenders slipping and sliding around you.


NBA 2K21 has an all-new shot meter. Scoring buckets means releasing the shot button on the yellow marker. This marker moves based on where you shoot from. But nailing the release point isn’t a guaranteed slam dunk. Head into Freestyle via 2KU, then pop on Hot Zones. This shows where each player shoots best from!

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Lewis M
I play this on x box it is super fun
15/9/2021 12:24:18 PM
Which movie are you most looking forward to?
Jurassic World
Inside Out
Fantastic Four
Star Wars: The Force Awakens