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Playing Now: OlliOlli World

Playing Now: OlliOlli World

A whole wild world of really wheely, wily and whirly skateboarding tricks is waiting to be mastered in OlliOlli World! Available On: PC, PS4, PS5, SWITCH, XBO, XSX/S

OlliOlli World’s story is weirder than its title. It kicks off with a ’board-based backstory stuffed with world-grinding skate-triarchs. Now that the five Skate Godz have epically aired to Gnarvana, it’s your turn to soar as a skateboarding star. Five Skate Godz means five slick skills to master across five distinct righteous regions of Radlandia. Hang 10 and chuck out high fives as you grab four wheels, for reals. Time to impress the godly board with your totes-not-bored ’board beats. You’ll wanna weave wand-like magic with good-golly ollies, crunching kickflips and grand grinds. That’s how you become the coveted Skate Wizard, coz the current number-one is keen for a rad replacement. We love how EZ OlliOlli World is to pick up and play. Push for pace, jump tricky obstacles, and nail perf landings to get things rolling. Plus, adding tricks is a cinch. You’ll need stacks of those, and minimal stacks, to win over the Skate Wizard’s crew!


You don’t have to beat the optional mission challenges, but replaying and smashing through them is a great way to master OlliOlli World. Like, you don’t always want to be flying at full speed and sometimes jumping earlier rather than late nabs collectables. Plus, alternating moves makes for bigger points and better variety!

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