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Playing Now: Skater  XL

Playing Now: Skater XL

All aboard the kind of board that’s totes capable of popping off top-tier tricks that’ll skate you to the opposite of bored! Available On: Switch, PS4, Xbox One, PC

Dive into sick skating tricks without diving face-first into the first pavement you skate towards. On the skateboard, you push your right foot in. You pull your left foot out. You drop your body weight in. Then you flip the board about. It’s not exactly the hokey-pokey, but Skater XL has plenty of turning your deck and yourself around. That’s what it’s all about. Those skater feet of yours are individually handled with the thumbsticks for complete board control. Shredder may be a TMNT baddie, but your aim is to be a shredder of tight Turtle-like tricks. Radical! There’s a solid stack of skating stunts to mess around with. But avoid the bad stack of trying to fly without your board. Jump into the kicks of renowned skater pros. Or customise your own skater legend. Deck out your deck-rider with the right gear and duds to match your sweet skating skills.


For an experience that’s complete, avoid making your skater taste concrete. So, don’t forget your Ps. Pop into practice. Pick up the pace. Then perfect your performance. Mastered one trick? Bring up the tricks list to check out how to nail the others. Then work it all into one clippable free-flowing routine!

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