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Playing Now: Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic

Playing Now: Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic

This classic Star Wars adventure finally lands on Switch and it’s a Force-filled distraction before the next new Star Wars game hyperjumps in! Available On: SWITCH, IOS, ANDROID, PC, XSS/X

We already know that all Star Wars stories are set a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. But Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is even older. As in, they should totes slap, “A long, long time ago in that same beloved galaxy far, far away….” on it. It’s set 4,000 years before the Skywalker saga! Knights of the Old Republic was released (light)years ago (ahem, 2003). But now this RPG classic is finally on Switch. Get swept up in the iconic Star Wars soundtrack as you build your own Star Wars legend. Save this (heaps) old Republic as a Jedi. Or switch sides to the Sith. These Jedi foes have an army now, not just a couple of phantom menaces. Either way, tweak your legendary lightsaber and unleash fancy Force powers. Then up with your fave in-game friends. And level them up as you quest deep into this twisting movie-worthy tale.


Low on health in a big battle? Check to see if you’ve scored a new rank. Knights of the Old Republic lets you level up at any time. Even in the middle of a battle. Plus, levelling up fully heals your character. So use it for free health in a tough fight!


There’s a Knights of the Old Republic remake in the works for PS5 and PC!


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