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i love the mag - Noah K-Zone is amazing I've read so many of their magazines over over and over again! Not to mention K-Zone T.V. - Khari I Shout out to my friend Lucas and all the Kzoners out there! - Alexander shout out to my friends and also this mag is the best - Tommi KZone is just 🌠 - Koala ? can I get an OH YEAH?! - UwU I’m a big fan I really want a the prize - Leon F k-zone is the best thing ever!!!!! - Anders W I WON!!! - Ben B Shout out to he KZHQ and all K-Zoners! - Logan M
Playing Now: Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town

Playing Now: Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town

Become a pioneer of this fully fun farming town! Available On: Switch

Your granddad and his mates built the big, beautiful and bustling Olive Town. Fast-forward a few decades and you’ve just rolled into town on a busted scooter. But gramps’ farm is now as messy as what’s under the hood of your ride that just carked it. It’s okay coz Mayor Victor majorly wants you to find victory in restoring your pop’s peak patch. Before growing greens you’ll wanna knock the “over” out of overgrown. Good thing you have a handy toolkit on hand. Axe trees. Hammer stones. And sic sickly wild grass with a slashing sickle. Now you’ve got space to grow. Fell as much of the fowl fauna as possible in a day. Recharge your stamina hearts by hitting the hay (before 10.00pm is best). A new day means new lessons. Plus new tasks from friendly townsfolk. Farm growing from mulchy mess to fully fresh? Hit up the nearby town to reap the rewards of 200+ events.


The hammer is a very versatile tool. Smash rocks or splinter smaller trees. But it’s also a handy undo tool. Hoed your garden in the wrong spot? Hammer the spot to restart. This trick will even refund seeds you may have planted. Plus, hammer drained holes to fill them in immediately!

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