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Playing Now: Tunic

Playing Now: Tunic

You’ve heard the gameplay tune of TUNIC before in radtastic games like Zelda, but those familiar sounds are still so sweet here! Available On: PC, XBO, XSX/S

Riddle time. What do you get when you take The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, swap out Link for an in-sync green-garb-wearing fox and chuck in mobs of mad monsters? TUNIC! Your furry fox friend wakes up with a face full of sand. Hmm, not a dream. Stranded on the beach of a secrets-stuffed island, there’s still stacks to do. Like, look for lost legends. Powwow with prehistoric powers. Then tip over tip-top threats. We adore the cutesy art style as much as we love how TUNIC rewards curiosity. Explore ashore, lap up lore, ignore a locked door, then explore some more! Beaches lead to ravaged ruins. Then cryptic catacombs. Finally, freaky forests. Nab a versatile sword, attack-blocking shield and other rad gear. Now crack noggins and mega mysteries. Watch out for big-bad bosses. Need help? Snatch up missing magical manual musings to guide you on your journey.


Tunic isn’t one of those games where you can slash willy-nilly at anything that rolls your way. Like Breath of the Wild, stamina management is totes critical. Either get up in foes faces for quick slashes. Or let them come to you for slick slash-and-dash moves. Just don’t run outta breath!

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