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Playing Now: WRC 8

Playing Now: WRC 8

WRC may officially stand for ‘World Rally Championship’, but for us it stands for ‘Wild Rally Cars’! Available On: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Your main competitor in WRC 8 is the clock. Forget about other cars nudging you out of your perf racing line. Instead, you’ll be solo tackling tough tracks at impossibly fast speeds. Shallow curve incoming? Fang it around. 180-degree hairpin corner up next? Better pump the handbrake, kiddo! Rally cars are really built for taming dirt. But the dirty stuff still makes driving a very slippery high-speed pursuit. We love how the weather can rain on your racing parade (in a fun way). Start off a time trial well and you’ll only score a few pitter-patter drops at the finish line. Spend more time off the off-road track than on it, and that rain comes a lot earlier. Now you’re racing with buckets of rain! The bigger battle is getting used to spending more time skidding sideways than burning rubber forwards. Find the rally ride that’s right for you. Then set a track time that’d make The Flash jelly.


WRC 8 is built as a realistic off-road racing sim. But it’s totes okay to race with the training wheels on! Start on an easy difficulty. Get a feel for the rad rally cars. And the tricky tracks. Then jump into the settings and shift the sliders for a more arcade driving experience.

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jesse w
29/1/2020 12:35:57 PM
jesse w
29/1/2020 12:35:51 PM
Who would win in a race?