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Sonic Colours: Ultimate Intro

Sonic Colours: Ultimate Intro

Speed through all of the colours of the rainbow in this ultimate Sonic race through a sweet sci-fi theme park! Available On: SWITCH, PS4, XBO


The dastardly Dr Eggman is far from egg-cellent. But he does know how to crack us up. No yolking! Totes egg-centric Dr Eggman has built an out-of-this-world amusement park in Sonic Colours Ultimate. And he’s hatched up dozens of the right rides and awesome attractions. Plus, there’s a half-dozen colourful worlds to wonder at and wander through (at super Sonic speed, natch). The problem is, Eggman’s poached amazing alien Wisps to power the place. Good thing Sonic ain’t no chicken. His blood is boiling and he’s spoiling to save ’em. So scramble Eggman’s plans. Then free the range of Wisps. The sunny side of saving Wisps is they gift delicious new powers. Like, the Jade Wisp is made to whisk you through solid stuff to sniff out new paths. Cooked all that? Fry time challenges in Ghost Racer mode. All the best top-speed bits are baked into this rad remaster. Soz. We’ll shell the egg jokes. White now, uh… right now.

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