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Sonic Forces Cheats

Sonic Forces Cheats

A treasure trove of gold ring tips for getting the most out of the high speed fun!


First, beat the campaign with Sonic or a custom avatar. Fast, beat the campaign with Sonic or a custom Avatar. After that, you can make new avatars, and switch between them in the Avatar menu. This is handy for tricky animal-specific missions!



Scoring that ‘S’ ranking is tough. To snag ‘S’, you have to avoid dying, beat each stage in a certain time, grab at least 100 rings and smash lots of baddies!  get to know each stage, then come back with the right route to score the ‘S’.



When you play through a stage for the second time, there will be five Number Rings. The Rings start at ‘5’ and you have to grab them in countdown order. The Number Rings are usually tucked away in places you run, climb, or jump.



Sonic Forces is fun at top speed, but slow down if you want to score ring-specific achievements. On your level replays, take your time. Head away from the obvious path, and explore. Use your abilities to dig up a treasure trove of coins.


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how to play?
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