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Super Mario Maker 2 Cheats

Super Mario Maker 2 Cheats

Here’s a trio of cheats that will help you put the ‘sup-er’ into your next build in Super Mario Maker 2!


Want the coveted Mario Builder costume? Course you do! Beat the Story mode. Then knock off all the other jobs. This’ll unlock a final project. Then spend or nab 1000 shiny gold coins. This’ll let you rebuild a special statute in an empty part of the castle. Now the duds are yours, dudes and dudettes.


There are two ferreted-away Course Maker power-ups in Story mode. Beat Taskmaster Toad’s ‘Meowser Showdown’. Then watch the credits for the smashtastic Build Hammer. Smash through Purple Toad’s ‘Spiny Shell Smashers’ job. Be sure to hit the middle question-mark block in the row of three. Boom! Now you’ve unlocked the Superball Flower for Course Maker.


Replay these jobs to score easy coins!

Job 55 [Koopa Troopa Car, Go!] nets about 100 coins per run.

Job 56 [BUZZY: The Movie: The Book: The Ride] stacks up to 150 coins per run.

Job 70 [Freezing Rain] is fast to smash over for an easy 80 coins.

Try Job 76 [Launching Bomb-ombs, Collecting Co-coins] for up to 80 coins.

Try Job 90 [Invincible Windsprinter], which takes about 30 seconds for 50-odd gold pieces.

Are you playing Super Mario Maker 2? Did you use these cheats? Let us know in the comments below!

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