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Game Ninja: BurgerTime Party!

Game Ninja: BurgerTime Party!

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Hi Game Ninja,

How do I get better at BurgerTime Party! and do you have any cheats I can use?

Masan, via email


Game Ninja Says

Cheats? No. Tips? Yes! Aim for dropping the top bun first. This’ll drop everything below it. Bonus points if you squash the garbage goons below. Practise running across most of an ingredient. Wait for foes to get behind or below you. Then drop the burger-filler for more points. For the most points, learn the movement patterns of the garbage goons. Dodge between levels until they group up. Then drop ingredients on them for stacks of points.


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Hi Game Ninja what is the fastest combination of wheels karts & paragliders to win 12 times in a row to get golden Mario.
18/10/2020 11:38:53 AM
Rehan I
Hi game ninja I need help on how much animals you need to get k.k in animal crossing how to get them and how to choose your animals without using amibo
16/9/2020 9:38:46 PM
Who would win in long jump?
Crash Bandicoot