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Playing Now: Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Playing Now: Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

We’re just super-Saiyan, there’s more than a few fantastic fisticuffs in this game! Available On: PS4, Xbox One and PC. For Older K-Zoners, yo!

What exactly is a Kakarot? Dragon Ball fans will speak the lingo. But for everyone else, Kakarot is Goku’s Saiyan name. Oh, Goku is the awesome anime main man of Dragon Ball. Ah, Saiyan is a superpowered alien race in this universe. Hmm. This feels like it’s maybe getting more confusing. Whoops! Okay, okay. Let’s EZ-ify this. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is all about epic slugfests. Imagine a big-bash league, without bats and balls, between super-powered Superman vs super-ma’am Captain Marvel. Now you get just how massive these brawls can be. Fans and fresh-faced fighters will love that this tells the anime story from the awesome start. So no previous viewing necessary. Roam the land and jump into larger-than-life throwdown showdowns. You’ll totes throw Hulk-strength punches that smack foes across the map. Then level up for even bigger bouts. That’s what we’re talkin’ ’bout! But it’s not all about bashing. There’s fishing. Hunting. Questing. And stacks more on the side.


In Dragon Ball FighterZ, all brawlers are balanced to make the fights fair. But that’s not what Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is all about. Coz of this, try to tackle the easier brawls first. Just match your level to the brawler you want to floor. It’s that or chasing bragging rights for tougher fights!

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